Three Arrested in Massage Parlor Bust
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Three Arrested in Massage Parlor Bust

FAIRFAX, Va. - Fairfax County Police raided a massage parlor located at 6201 Leesburg Pike and discovered more going on than backrubs.

Three workers there were arrested on a variety of prostitution charges. They are Jun Wang, 39, of Marble Lane in Fairfax; Main Chong, 41, of Flushing, New York; and Qi Yang, 38, also of Flushing.

Police and zoning inspectors were led to the office building March 13 by anonymous tips. People who work in the building tell FOX 5 they were not surprised. They say Room 400 used to have a sign that said "Sunshine Therapy," but that was taken down recently.

The building tenants say they often noticed a parade of men going into the room, sometimes until late in the evening. They say they thought something suspicious was going on.

Last Friday, police busted another massage parlor in Lorton, Virginia. They say the owner of the parlor, which was located at 4208 Evergreen Lane, was 61-year-old Sun Cocker. He was arrested and charged with operating a massage parlor without a license and not having a massage permit.

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