Eden Prairie Massage Parlor Busted for Alleged Prostitution
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Eden Prairie Massage Parlor Busted for Alleged Prostitution

Sophie's Oriental Massage is located in Eden Prairie, MN.

The owner also ran for congree last

Published : Tuesday, 12 May 2009, 7:52 PM CDT

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. - Police raided Planet Shikoku in Eden Prairie Tuesday afternoon after moving in eight months ago for alleged Prostitution.

The women who worked there ran out the back door as investigators hauled out massage tables, futons and couches.

Police say, Steev Ramsdell, owns Planet Shikoku.He also ran for congress last year, as an independent in the 3rd congressional district.

Neighbor complaints of odd hours, and odder behavior prompted the investigation.

An undercover cop was propositioned, giving police all they needed for a search warrant. Police also raided a second location at Franklin and Nicollet in south Minneapolis, operating under the name San Mei. But it was the Eden Prairie store front that stood out.

Ramsdell pointed out the signs he posted said "no sex or solicitation." But they also contain code words like “never an unhappy ending.”

Ramsdell believes his only real mistake, was moving to the suburbs in the first place. Ramsdell blames the 15 women who worked for him, saying they may have been turning tricks on the side.

Originally from Florida, Ramsdell came to the Twin Cities four years ago to open a store at the Mall of America called Minne-Nap-Olis, offering naps for 70 cents a minute. He envisioned power-nap sleep centers in airports and malls across the country.

Police believe somewhere along the line, the former Walt Disney executive went from legit to illegal.

other places affected: Unknown
Link: http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/dpp/news/crime/Eden_Prairie_Massage_Parlor_Busted_for_Alleged_Prostitution_may_12_2009

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